Here again my favorite option for the Mosel:

Weingut Staffelter Hof.

Robert-Schuman-Str. 208

D-54536 Kröv/Mosel.

Tel - 06541 / 3708

Here's what the people at TripAdvisor had to say about it:

“Come for the wine, stay for the Amazing hospitality and historical significance”

5 out of 5 Stars, on 5. August 2015

"The Staffelter Hof and the owners represent the essence of the Moselle community and culture. My girlfriend and I were welcomed by Frau Gundi Klein with a cold glass of Paradies Feinherb when we showed up! Someone tipped us off about the winery and highly recommended we make some time to go down for a tour and maybe spend a night. We did exactly that and it was well worth it. We stayed here on our way to Burg Eltz. Jan gave us a tour of the winery and topped it off with a bottle of 1987 Qualitätswein, which was STILL GOOD!! (Mein Geburtsjahr!). Next morning wet woke up to an amazing breakfast and wet we're off! We only booked a couple of hours in advance and though we got amazing treatment with Jan and Gundi upgrading our room to a much larger one (with living room and kitchen!) it’s good to book a day or so in advance because though it may not appear so, Staffelter Hof it's quite popular and was full when we got there. The winery has held the name since the year 862 making it one of the oldest companies in the WORLD! If you're in the Mosel region and wish to make a few key stops, this should definitely be on your list."

The Klein's will be more than happy to welcome you, or to indicate a neighboring B&B where you can stay!